Thursday, May 28, 2009

God's Word Reveals the Root of Our Problems
The solution to the problems we struggle with can be discovered by addressing the root of our problems as revealed in God's Word.

Romans 1:25-identifies man's basic root problem.

For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator.
The root of problems began in the Garden,when Eve believed the serpent and being decieved, chose to disregard God's warning. Adam chose to join Eve rather than obey God. They both decided to determine for themselves what is true and what is good. They chose to live life independent of God and rely on their own reason rather than God's Word.
Genesis 3:1-7

A Key Principle

"A lie believed as truth will affect your life as if it were
true-even though it is a lie."

Emotions can be messy when they seem more true than God's Word.

Our emotions are manageable.

Recognize: Your Emotions!

Ask God to show you what emotions you are feeling.

Express: Your Emotions To God!

a. He already knows them.

b. "I'm so mad I could........"

Evaluate: Emotions In Light Of God's Word!

a. Are my emotions in charge?

b. What are they reflecting about my beliefs?

Decide: To Replace Thinking And Behavior With God's Truth.

what is missing in our lives?

Purpose, meaning, a reason for living, these are all things we desire and search for in life. Despite steps each one of us takes to find purpose and meaning in life, we still feel empty, unfulfilled. That is because there is a spiritual emptiness in each of our lives. We each have a hole in our heart, a spiritual vacuum deep within our soul-a "God-shape blank." Possessions wont' fill this hole, nor will success. Relationships alone cannot satisfy this emptiness, and morality, in and of itself, falls miserably short of occupying this space. In fact, even religion cannot fill the void in our heart.

There is only one way to effectively fill that void. This way will not only help us to have a life that is full and rich on this earth, but more important, will give us the absolute hope of spending eternity in the presence of God. Before we can truly appreciate this good news, though, we need to understand the bad news, which is a serious problem we all have.

The problem is: SIN
God so long to talk to you....through the Bible.

Inspire: Extreme

Inspire: Extreme

I really enjoy your post. I liked the part that you shared about your Kindle 2. Why? I was thinking of purchasing one but was having second thoughts about it. But you have described how much you enjoyed it and so I am encouraged to invest in one of the Kindle new generation. Also, I like that you love the Lord and so your web. I will be praying for you that the Lord will continue to bless you and your family. Stand strong and embrace the Father
's Word and let it take roots in your heart.

In His Step,